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Commercial & Residential Irrigation

Irrigation and Maintenance Services at GreenScapes

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Save Money

Without water, plants and turf die. Your lawn needs a steady supply of water to stay healthy, and relying on rain isn’t enough to maintain your lawn’s healthy, green color and lush texture. At GreenScapes, our irrigation systems are designed to distribute the right amount of water to your lawn, so you can be sure it’ll stay healthy and its thirst will be quenched!

Our irrigation systems aren’t solely focused on keeping your lawn healthy, though; we also want to ensure your wallet stays healthy. To that end, we specialize in using water conservation methods that are both environmentally and financially friendly. By using a GreenScapes irrigation system, you can be sure you’re not overspending on watering your lawn, and your property is also getting the right amount of water on a regular basis.

Our design management team has a proficiency of knowledge and experience, and we’re willing to install irrigation systems of any size, from a single-home sprinkler system to a complex irrigation system capable of routing water to an entire field during a period of low rainfall.

Our irrigation systems are:

  • Effective
  • Designed for water conservation
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Designed to save you money

GreenScapes offers needs-based design services for your irrigation project.

We work with you to generate a drawing or CAD file that incorporates design, electricity, terrain, and other features of your property, so that you get a finished result that works with your vision.

We emphasize professionalism in all our endeavors, and that starts with our employees. At GreenScapes, we provide our employees with continuing education in the off-season, so you can be sure they’re knowledgeable and skilled when they’re tending to your property. When you hire GreenScapes for your maintenance needs, you’re hiring a professional organization with deep roots in the Louisville community.

Accountability is important to us, so we document every visit. We own our own equipment and don’t rely on outsourcing or subcontracting, so our team members are on site when it’s convenient for you.

Quality, Professionalism, Accountability

Proud Installer of

Our design management team has a wealth of experience in installing projects as small as a sprinkler system for a private home or as large as routing an entire subdivision.

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